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David Snyder – Real World NLP

$997.00 $49.00

David Snyder – Real World NLP

This is a comprehensive NLP certification program led by David Snyder that focuses on his approach to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It is a recording of a Practitioner Certification seminar that you can use to master all of the elements of NLP in a practical and real world setting.


Dodie Magis – Javanese Magnetism

$1,456.00 $59.00

Javanese Magnetism Program: Myself Thomas Scheers I am in this field of Magnetism and Mesmerism for more than 25years. I thought to know everything about Magnetism and Mesmerism. Until I saw a Youtube video from Magis Dodie. I was pretty much blown off my chair!


Igor Ledochowski – Applied Conversational Hypnosis Roundtable

$231.00 $29.00

The Little-Known Secrets To Using Conversational Hypnosis In More FLUID, STRATEGIC & EXPANSIVE Ways…

If you’ve got an interest in applying conversational hypnosis in more FLUID, STRAGETIC and EXPANSIVE waysthe message on this page is for you.
See I recently delivered a high-level Applied Conversational Hypnosis Roundtable Training.
It was quite an exclusive affair.

Igor Ledochowski – Applied Conversational Hypnosis

$570.00 $49.00

The program is all about showing you how to actually APPLY all my latest conversational techniques and the 5-step process that enables you to smoothly transition through all the 5-stages necessary to quickly become a key confidant and trusted advisor… and most importantly a TRANSFORMER OF POTENTIAL in another person’s life.