Advanced Brain Technologies – The Listening Program Level 1

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TLP Level One offers advanced listening training to build upon the focus areas of Spectrum and Achieve to continue the development of and maintain benefits. Level One includes music blended with nature sounds in addition to music only.


Advanced Brain Technologies – The Listening Program Level 1

The Listening Program is a Music Listening Therapy, that Provides engaging Brain stimulation to Improve Performance in School, Work and Life.
Systematic Training is Provided Through Listening to Psychoacoustically Modified Classical Music which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently. This Leads to improvements in :

Learning – Listening – Self Regulation
Attention – Sensory Processing – Musical ability
Communication – Social Engagement – Brain Fitness
Reading – Behavior – Daily Living


Vagus Nerve tone
Social Skills
Decision Making

The Ear Brain Connection
Certain classical music, like that of Mozart, Haydn and Vivaldi, has specific structure, producing sound waves in organized patterns. Within these patterns are vital elements including time, frequency and volume. When listening to music, the ear is receiving the musical sound waves – waves that arrive in different frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz). These frequencies stimulate the brain, and thus affect different functions of the mind and body.

Specific Frequencies for Specific Functions
The Listening Program combines decades of clinical research in several fields, including neurology, physiology, psycho-acoustics, auditory processing, music theory and more. The method builds on the work of respected leaders in these fields, such as ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician Alfred A. Tomatis, M.D. (1920-2001). Among other discoveries, Dr. Tomatis helped identify the relationship between certain sound frequencies and their effect on their functions of the mind and body. A simplified explanation of Dr. Tomatis’ findings shows that certain brands, or zones, of sound frequencies affect different abilities.
TLP Level One is the latest TLP program with exquisite classical recordings masterfully arranged and processed with ABT’s most advanced psychoacoustic modifications.

To accommodate individual listener preferences, TLP Level One is available in two options: with or without sounds of nature. While many prefer to enjoy and focus on the lovely music, others especially children, benefit from the novelty of combining music with beautiful sounds from nature.

TLP Level One trains auditory processing skills from a foundational to advanced level and incorporates music recorded in 24-bit 192 kHz High Definition using ABT’s Spatial Surround® process presented with Dolby Headphone® technology. Listener’s experience a rich tapestry of sound with strings and woodwinds principally Mozart with Haydn, Vivaldi, Corelli and Danzi compositions. TLP Level One has been developed to be played through headphones.

The engaging music within TLP Level One is arranged in four sequential training categories addressing all audible sound frequencies with a focus on specific frequency zones. This allows for refined training with graded spatial processing treatments offering unlimited options for modifying the program to meet the unique goals and needs of the listener.


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