Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood & Mind Elevator

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Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood & Mind Elevator

Stop Living in Anxiety, Worry, or Negativity

Start each day in love with life! (Even when it seems impossible) You will uplift ANY mood, in minutes… with this Instant Healing Program



Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood & Mind Elevator

Stop Living in Anxiety, Worry, or Negativity

Start each day in love with life! (Even when it seems impossible) You will uplift ANY mood, in minutes… with this Instant Healing Program

But How? What if you are…

  • Anxious & worried… for a “good” reason?
  • Stressed & overwhelmed… by circumstances outside of your control?
  • Angry or hopeless… about the state of the world… and the future?
  • Unhappy with your health… money… work… home… family… friends… spouse… & LIFE?
  • In physical pain… or feeling tired, fat, old… or yucky?

It’s hard to stay positive, with all the “crap” that’s going on. But it’s NOT about “staying positive”! Here’s a NEW way to feel good – fast. Even if you don’t “Believe.”

Elevate your Emotions… Now

No matter what’s happening around you… Or inside you!

  • Handle the crap life throws at you – with grace & humor.
  • Wake up in love with life & eager to meet the day.
  • Feel SAFE… so you can get on with your life’s purpose.
  • Be the loving person you know you can be.
  • Attract abundance & love (Feeling good is essential!)
  • Heal your body, fast. Don’t let your mind sabotage you.
  • And finally create the life that you KNOW is possible!

Deep down… you KNOW that you truly CAN experience…

Joy. Peace. Power. Inspiration. Kindness. Clarity. Fun!

But… you can’t always get there, right?

Well, now you can – in minutes. This is a NEW kind of healing…

Is this you? Do you often… 

  • Wake up anxious, sad, or grumpy – and have to work at “getting yourself together” to face the day? Then you need to shift that, so that you don’t set the stage for a more difficult day ahead.
  • Get upset, angry, or panicky about little things (and big things too)? Then you’re inadvertently amplifying the problem!
  • Have physical pain or a condition that make you feel hopeless, upset, or angry? Then you urgently need to work on your MIND – not just your BODY. Because your low moods & thoughts will actually block your body’s ability to heal!
  • Have looping, nagging thoughts, worries, mental arguments, hurt feelings, and traumatic memories?
  • Fail to focus because of distractions, other people upsetting you, or body aches & pain?
  • Get impatient, irritable, frustrated, or yell at your loved ones… The very people for whom you want to show up as your best self… and then feel terrible about it?
  • Feel fearful, depressed, or hopeless… because of the state of the world… or the state of your body, health, wealth, relationships… or ANY circumstances beyond your control?

Feel blah, blue, upset, or negative? Don’t Wait! 

Don’t Let Negativity Hurt You!

Don’t ignore your bad moods & negative thoughts… Because they will fester… and infect every part of your life:  

  • Health
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Wealth, Income & Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Success & Satisfaction
  • Your Entire Future!

Negative Thoughts Poison your WHOLE Life

Here’s the Antidote..

What is the Mood & Mind Elevator ?

Instant Healing… for your Thoughts & Feelings!

Audio 1: GET CENTERED No Matter What’s Going On.

Audio 1 will:

  • Uplift your negativity… into calm power.
  • Instantly Reset your mood… even if it seems impossible under the circumstances.
  • Get you in the Flow… So you stop blocking Universal Abundance & Healing!

Why get CENTERED? Because it’s a fundamental & essential requirement, for:

  • Faster healing of chronic conditions & illness.
  • Feeling good in your body and mind.
  • Using Law of Attraction. This is an amazing shortcut to Manifestation!
  • Evolving into your Best Self – no matter what!

Audio 2: EXPAND to Higher States of Joy, Peace, Power 

Audio 2 will:

  • Elevate you into high-vibration thoughts & feelings: Love, Bliss, Grace…
  • Expand you to higher consciousness & limitless potential… yet stay grounded.
  • Open you to inspiration & clear guidance from your Infinite self.
  • Create your State! Activate the moods you love to experience… to manifest your best.

Imagine your Life, Elevated!

Every day, you wake up in a wonderful space. Your:

  • THOUGHTS support you… they no longer distort or distract.
  • EMOTIONS are enjoyable… They uplift you… and others! You create the state that’s right for each day.
  • BODY heals FAST… from ailments & injuries. You finally enjoy being in your body.
  • ENERGY is high… Negativity no longer “sucks” you dry!
  • RELATIONSHIPS are loving… supportive & joyful.
  • INCOME rises… reflecting your new mindset!
  • ATTRACTION takes a giant leap… You easily Manifest… health, wealth, love, succcess & fulfillment.

Don’t Let Low Moods Block your FLOW. Instead, ALLOW Abundance… of health, wealth, and all good things!


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