Filip Mihajlovic – Release Your Inner Hero (Follow-Up)

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Are you really happy with yourself? With your personal characteristics and with your behavior in different life-situations?

With the results you are getting?

Are you a successful person?


Filip Mihajlovic – Release Your Inner Hero (Follow-Up)

Are you really happy with yourself? With your personal characteristics and with your behavior in different life-situations?

With the results you are getting?

Are you a successful person?

Did you create the life you want for yourself and those dear to you?

If you were watching the movie about your life, what rating would you give to yourself as a hero up to this point? Are you really cool and successful? Do you behave as a perfect hero for the movie of your life?

Your personal traits force you to behave the way you do and absolutely determine the results you get and the reality you are creating for yourself.

If you can’t control and improve yourself, your behavior and characteristics, all your effort and energy will be wasted and your goals are practically destined to fail. You can’t have your desirable life and reality if you are not a person for whom it’s natural to have it.

If you are finally ready to kick your game, your results and your life up a few levels and start acting like the hero you always wanted to be…

…than it’s time to eliminate your problematic traits and identities and start acting from your new “hero traits”.

IN JUST ONE AFTERNOON, you can master amazingly effective, but really simple technique with which you will change your negative personal traits not in weeks or months of practicing, but in minutes!


Most of us believe that what kind of people we are and what personal traits we have are the things determined at our birth. That these are personal characteristics we have, and that the only way to change them is by years-long hard and laborious work.

We believe that a shy boy, unable to ask a pretty girl on a date, must experience that because the shyness is his personal trait. We are taught to believe that he is not confident because shyness is an integral part of his personality.

When you are not confident in situations where confidence is needed you feel that you can’t change that because this is a kind of person you are.

Or when you withdraw and don’t stand up for your rights in situations when you know you should, you feel that this is a trait of your character and that you can’t do much about it.

Or you may say to yourself that you are not persistent person, when you are giving up the goal that is really important for you.
Most of us treat our personal traits as something that is given, with which we are stuck and can’t do much about.

But what if I tell you that you don’t need months or years of discipline to change your personal traits, identities and behavior?

What if you can do it in minutes, in a simple process which will increase your awareness and naturally allow you to easily adopt and embrace your new super-hero traits?


If you are a normal person, you are trying to get the best possible results in the situations you encounter in your life. When you need different personal traits, sometimes you are able to make the change and sometimes you are not.

But, in some areas, it’s almost if it’s impossible to change your behavior although it’s quite obvious that the change is necessary.

The reason for that lays in our beliefs, personal traits and our identities.

It’s not that we are lazy, or stupid, or that we don’t understand that we should change and get our act together. We simply have strong feelings, beliefs and decisions that force us to behave in a certain way.

Do you think that alcoholic doesn’t know that he shouldn’t drink? Or, that student doesn’t know he shouldn’t go out, but stay home and study before the exam?

Of course they know.

But we all have these inner barriers, that prevent us from acting the way we know we should.

Because of these emotions and barriers, you can’t just do your best and try to start acting “as you should”. You will spend a huge amount of your energy, but in the end your negative emotions and beliefs will win and you will slide back to your usual (negative) behavior.


You probably know about my QUICK GOALS goal achievement system. Many authority figures in the coaching, self-development and spirituality consider it to be the best goal achievement system that exists on the planet today.

The system allows you to achieve your goals in a way in which the most effective people achieve theirs. It makes super-successful behaviors so simple and totally natural for everyone.

Probably the most important reason for the system’s effectiveness is amazingly effective Ten Fingers technique for the elimination of emotional conflicts we all have in the area of our goals.

While practicing this technique in my experimental group of friends (and fellow QUICK GOALS practitioners) I realized that the technique can be used for more than just work on our goals.

Experiments we did were total success! With this technique we were able to easily create amazing changes in our personal traits and identities, in no time!

The technique worked equally well for the practitioners who didn’t have any previous experience, so I realized that this is a genuine technological breakthrough.

With its use it’s possible to achieve in minutes the personal changes which with other techniques demand weeks, or months (sometimes maybe years) of self-development work, meditation or psycho-analysis.

Now, it’s possible to truly release your inner super-hero. Release super-positive aspects of your personality which were previously blocked by your negative beliefs, emotions and identities.


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