Paul Austin – Microdosing Course

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Microdosing Course


Everything you need to know about microdosing in one easily digestible learning experience.


Microdosing Course


Everything you need to know about microdosing in one easily digestible learning experience.

Dear Third Wave’r

Not so long ago I struggled with the basics of living an ‘actualized’ life.

My overwhelming social anxiety left me feeling ‘disconnected’ and ‘out of place’.

I suffered from creative blocks and an inability to cut out distractions to fully focus on what was most important.

Most days I felt down which led to poor self-care. In short, I felt trapped in a never-ending struggle. Really good days were few and far-between.

Then, I discovered microdosing in June 2015.

Within 30 days:

  • My social anxiety disappeared
  • My general well-being improved
  • I stopped procrastinating

I ended up microdosing 2x per week for a total of 7 months.

What surprised me most about microdosing was that even when I stopped my protocol, the benefits remained.


Because microdosing
enables neuroplasticity

That’s right.

Microdosing re-wires your neural circuitry so you interact with your environment in a different way.

Tens of thousands of people have experienced the life-changing benefits of microdosing.

In fact, over the past two years, we have collected thousands of reports on how microdosing has helped people live significantly better lives.

From the reports we’ve collected, we’ve realized there are three common problems anyone interested in microdosing faces:

  1. What microdosing information can I trust?
  2. How do I properly microdose and minimize the inherent risks?
  3. What is the optimal way to utilize microdosing to live a better life?

We wanted to help people like you overcome these three main problems on your path to…

…Having A Really Good Day

What might a really good day look like for you?

  • ‘Getting out’ of your head in social situations
  • Synthesizing innovative and impactful ideas
  • Significant improvement in conditions like depression, ADHD, and substance dependence
  • More energy and increased initiative in both personal and professional life

But here’s the thing:
Microdosing isn’t a ‘magic pill’.

In fact, many people who microdose learn all the basics but never FULLY utilize this amazing opportunity to completely transform their lives with microdosing.

And that’s why we’ve created this microdosing course and community: to help you step into 100% of your joy and potential, not just some of it.

There will be two main drivers to help you on your path to a really good day:

  1. Aligning microdosing with your personal goals:
    Understanding how to align the tool of microdosing with your goals to catalyze your own personal growth and development.
  2. Interacting with a supportive community of other microdosers:
    In our premium community you will find the nurturing and motivational support to transform your life with microdosing.

What You Will Learn

Section 1

  • Background Education, History & Science: The Essentials of Microdosing
  • How the phenomenon developed over the past 5 years & why
  • The two primary reasons why people find value in microdosing and which camp you belong to
  • The early science behind microdosing as learned from neuroscientists, researchers, clinicians and psychologists
  • The intersection of microdosing and mood disorders
  • Why microdosing helps with depression and why it’s more complicated for general anxiety
  • How microdosing can accelerate the process at becoming ‘worldclass’ in your domain of expertise

Section 2

  • How to Microdose
  • All the basics of beginning your own microdosing protocol
  • Information for how to protect yourself if you source substances for microdosing
  • How to prepare microdoses for consistent, reliable consumption
  • The differences between psilocybin mushrooms, truffles, mescaline, and LSD
  • Information on major concerns and risk factors drawing from the latest available research and anecdotal reports
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of a typical day when microdosing
  • How to properly cultivate a deep intention for your microdosing protocol that aligns with your own purpose and desire
  • Extensive overview of cannabis microdosing, a legal alternative for those who may not be able to access classic psychedelic substances

Section 3

  • How to Optimize Your Microdosing Protocol
  • How to create an ideal microdosing protocol for your own needs and objectives
  • Our Third Wave ‘pro tips’ that we’ve gathered by collecting hundreds of unique microdosing experiences
  • Suggestions for alleviating sources of personal suffering, including social anxiety, depression, procrastination, and other issues
  • Reasons why spending too much time in ‘flow’ can actually become a ‘bad’ thing and how to find the right balance
  • How to utilize a microdosing protocol to accelerate your leadership development and creativity
  • How to combine microdosing with other consciousness modalities and practices for maximum benefit
  • How to find the right dose and context for you
  • Walkthrough of purchasing cryptocurrency and utilizing encrypted communications to ensure your safety and well-being is protected from the misinformed intentions of certain authority figures
  • Overview of the long-term effects of microdosing, including the impact of re-wiring neural circuitry and why it comes with risks

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