Viking Lifestyle – Tim – The Fuckboy Frame

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I’ve spent the past six years of my life going out and approaching women in clubs, in bars, on the streets during the day, in malls, and more.


Viking Lifestyle – Tim – The Fuckboy Frame


The Full Curriculum

Module One – Core Principles:

-The brutal unfiltered truth about society and double standards for men and women when it comes to dating.
-Breaking down social tension and how it controls all of us
-How to leverage social communication in your favor every time you go out
-An in depth look into female psychology, sexuality, and motivations. Also how to use those motivations to make proper decisions in your interactions.
-The dating dynamics of the “dating pyramid”. How to work your way up the dating food chain and diagnose your current state.
-And most importantly, how to solidify The Fuckboy Frame dating principles that will launch you into that 10%.

Module Two – Inner Identity:

-How to identify your core starting point, the root of why you got into “game”
-How to use this starting point to align your goals and use game to meet those goals
-Learn how to redefine your value from non-attractive value to MASSIVELY attractive value.
-How to express your true self without being gimmicky or holding back
-Finding the balance between being too try hard or “needy” when you’re around women, and expressing your most attractive self in every single interaction you’re in.

Module Three – Taking Action:

-How to practice going out properly without getting sucked back into the funnel of being a “pua”
-The stages of the night and how to maintain your “game” over long periods of time
-Hours of infield breaking down proper sub communication by teaching you how to rely on your body and what you DON’T say, instead of what to say
-How to have extremely effective “verbal game” the way that actual players talk to girls, and how to have girls chase you through WHAT you say
-The best way to get physical without freaking the girl out and actually have her want to engage it more.
-Mind blowing infield breaking down how to properly lead, how to deal with other guys talking to the girl you’re interested in, and how to solve problems from the beginning of the interaction to the end
-How to set up dates consistently through text, with my own examples of texting for reference
-A complete breakdown of my entire process on a first date, with an entire hidden camera infield of one of my own first dates broken down by me from open to close.
-The principles behind meeting girls during the day, and how to actually use day time approaching to increase your results 10x, with insane daygame footage to breakdown my own process.

Module Four – Lifestyle Design:

-How to take all the actionable steps we learned in the previous module, and convert it into immediate abundance with women
-How to keep girls wanting you after sex and develop a rotation of hot women that are consistently in your life
-The steps to surrounding yourself with a healthy circle of wings and friends.
-How to leverage the connections you make to get access to high end venues and be around higher quality women more often
-My own journey of how I went from awkward nerd to NYC promoter by using “game” to connect with people who had more access than me.

Module Five – Personal Progression

-How to build that rockstar confidence that leaks out into other areas of your life.
-Creating a healthy ego and seeing yourself as THAT GUY without waiting for approval from others around you
-How to find yourself among the haze of advice and input that is out there and how to use risk taking to make massive gains in your own progression.
-How to handle adversity and the highs and lows that come with taking action.
-Learn how to tap into your potential and literally 10x yourself by making the most of every step in your journey.
-The very steps that I used to attract the best mentors in various industries (pickup included), which got me the success I have now.


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