We are a great team who started this Business few years Ago and we had a lot of customers who wah thanksfull, we helped a lot of people to buy cheap products and if a customer had a problem with a product we helped him because we GUARANTEE for our products.

How to Buy?

Very simple, you just need add to cart 1 or more products and proceed to checkout when you want to pay

What is the Payment Accepted?

Paypal & Bitcoin are recommended. But if you don’t use them, pm me the payment gateway you to pay. I will try to help you

How Long I will receive The Products?

Usually, you will IMMEDIATELY get the download links after payment success. but some transactions being review by paypal, it will need wait for some time until paypal cleared the payment. You will get the download links after that.

This site is instant download, everything are automatically.

Do you Guarantee for your offers ?

Yes, We Guarantee for our products and if sometimes something is not working properly we will make everything to be working or you will be Full Refunded + Another product from our store for Appologies!

How to download the product I purchased ?

Don’t worry. We know to do the best way to support you download easy. All the courses are uploaded to three cloud servers. You just need choose one

How secure is shopping in Biztut ? Is my data protected ?

Yes, we always applied lastest sercurity tech to our site Like SSL, RSA256 to protect your data.We do not store any payment infomation from you. So all your Data is safe.


If you didn’t find the answers here. You still worries our service or need anything to help you clear your mind. Pls contact us. We will reply you with in 24 hour

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